We are open all year round, 24/7
Check-in: 3-6 pm – Check-out: 9-10.30 am

Since September 2013, thanks to the new management of Legambiente, you can spend the night at the Hermitage of Monte Barro. From here you can enjoy the beauties of this Regional Natural Park, with breathtaking views over Lake Como and the surrounding mountains and lakes of the Brianza. This protected natural environment also offers a rich cultural background in history, archeology and biodiversity.
The hostel, which has 50 beds, is divided into two parts: the Orchid section, with rooms for 2, 3 or 4 people (all rooms with their own bathroom and shower) and the Squirrel section, with rooms for 2, 3, 4 or 10 people with their own washbasins along with communal toilets and showers on the main floor. Both sections also have kitchens and a dining room for self-prepared meals.

Most of the hostel’s rooms have a private balcony. The common areas have access to free wi-fi.
The hostel is open to families, individuals and organized groups. There is also the possibility to reserve an area (or even the entire property) for training events, meetings and conferences. The hostel also has an agreement with the Eremo Restaurant, located in the same building, which offers the typical products of this region for lunch or dinner.
The cost of spending a night is between 12 € and 30 € per person, depending on the type of accommodation and facilities. The property has a large car-park but there is also the possibility of arranging a shuttle bus service to and from Galbiate upon request.

The Squirrel section

11 rooms
two, three, four
and ten bed dorm

In the Squirrel section, you can stay in rooms with 2, 3, 4 or 10 beds with private washbasins. The communal bathrooms and showers are on the same floor. The Squirrel section also has a kitchen and a dining room for cooking meals independently. All the rooms on this level have a private balcony.
The common area is equipped with free wi-fi.

The Orchid section

10 rooms:
two, three
and four beds

In the Orchid section, you can stay in rooms with 2, 3 or 4 beds, all equipped with private bathroom and shower. Most of the rooms in this section have a private balcony. The Orchid section also has a kitchen and a dining room for cooking meals independently.
Guests can also relax in the common room and enjoy free wi-fi connection and a wonderful panoramic view.

The conference/activity rooms

We have a meeting room for 50 people and an auditorium with 99 seats equipped with a stage for performances and a projector.


Sala Balassi

Prices and offers

The rates indicated are to be understood per night and per person, excluding Activity Rooms rates which are daily (9-18).

The self-catering arrangement necessitates leaving the property in its initial cleanliness; the staff supplies cleaning tools and eco-friendly products, there is no need for guests to bring their own.

Renting a room grants complimentary access to the hostel’s communal spaces, such as the kitchen and dining room. We kindly request guests to exhibit considerate and appropriate behavior conducive to sharing spaces. Check-in times are between 15:00 and 18:00, while check-out is between 9:00 and 10:30.

From October to April included, we do not rent individual rooms, but only an entire sector or the whole structure.

The use of disposable plastic dishes inside the property is not allowed for any reason. We provide our guests with reusable dishes and a dishwasher during the stay and for events to facilitate the washing process. Special attention is also required in waste sorting to avoid penalties.

In addition to the prices listed, a tourist tax of €2 per person per night is to be added, up to a maximum of 5 nights, effective from April 1, 2024, for the Municipality of Galbiate. Download here the resolution (in italian) for exemptions and details.

Pay What You Want!

How does it work?

book a stay with us in the month of February

relax and enjoy the paths, the activities and landscapes that Monte Barro offers in this period of the year

at the end of your stay #paywhatyouwant and tell us why

share with your friends and keep using the sustainable practices we promote!

How does the payment work?

You will be asked to fill out a form with your opinion about our service and our ecological commitment. Then you can choose what to pay:

80% of the standard fare

100% of the standard fare

120% of the standard fare

…but why?

#paywhatyouwant we challenge our guests and give them the opportunity to tell us how much we worth. Legambiente Lecco managing this hostel tries to demonstrate that a different way of doing economy is possible and that economical and ethical value can go together, like sustainability and sense of civil responsibility.

Then we are also curious to know what our guests think about our job involving them in our march for the environment.