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Sustainable practices

The hostel has become the training ground, through which we concretely show how sustainable practices can be consistent with the capability of entering the economic circuit, with the goals of supporting ourselves and being a benchmark for the area.

For this reason, the hostel is fundamental to represent and carry on the core of our enterprise, acting as a platform to communicate variously shaped messages about sustainability:
– homebuilt furniture made up of salvage materials, reuse of second­hand materials in good condition, usage of new products discarded by manufacturers because of imperfection, retrieval of rubbish and its transformation into furnishings (for instance, used tyres fished out of the Lake Como have now turned into stylish stools);
– efficient energy use, through the installation, by the Monte Barro Park, of heat pumps and new windows for state­ of art insulation;
– water waste reduction and usage of low flow taps; energy conservation through the use of fluorescent lamps, staircase timers and twilight sensors;

– posters bound to stimulate and lead to ponderings about matters concerning sustainability;
– waste sorting and separate collection, although we are on a mountain top;
– a small store, selling local and fair trade products;
– creation of a synergistic garden, for educational purposes;
– snack area with a free contribution coffee machine (under no surveillance), in order to encourage honesty and sense of responsibility;
– incorporation of the Museo Etnografico dell’Alta Brianza (the local ethnographic museum) in the hostel’s complex, through the display of several objects of the museum collection inside communal areas;
– use of recycled paper for stationery and tablecloths;
– use of unpackaged products;
– synergism with Eremo di Monte Barro restaurant, in which local traditional food is served;
– hosting of environmentally friendly events, such as international volunteering work camps,summer educational holidays for kids, cultural festivals (festAmbiente Monte Barro);

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